Kamloops Chiropractor | What Is? Clinical & Athletic Taping

Includes the use of a variety of different tapes to aid in the treatment of functional (postural support/retraining) and clinical conditions (McKenzie protocol taping for disc herniation or sciatica patients). ​ Various taping methods are used over muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints for further support during sport. This can help diminish injury as it offers structured support and increased proprioceptive feedback to muscles, ligaments and joints.

Kamloops Chiropractor | What Is? Athletic Movement Assessment

A system derived of various movement protocols that simulate numerous athletic motions. The protocols can be used to identify and qualify optimal and suboptimal movement patterns which in turn guide clinical and performance directives. The assessment is designed to account for variables (foot and core) that have influence on the primary movement patterns (upper and lower extremi

Kamloops Chiropractor | What Is? Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue (SMARTTools) Utilizes five stainless steel instruments to treat a variety of tissue extensibility dysfunctions including scarring and fibrosis, fascial tension and densification, neural tension, muscle hypertonicity, neurological restrictions and trigger points. Treatment will allow for improved range of motion and movement patterns. Click HERE to book online.

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